Lakeshore Spring Retreat Guide

Lakeshore is ushering in 2017 with a season full of spring retreats! Now that the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is over, take some time to retreat with us. There are options for all ages!



Confirmation Retreat

February 10-12: Being Christian
March 24-26: Being Methodist

At some point in each United Methodist youth’s life, the decision to claim the name of Christ for oneself and deciding whether to live a faithful, committed life becomes important to each of them. Lakeshore’s confirmation retreats are designed to help with this very important task. Your youth group may choose one topic or come to both for complete Confirmation curriculum.
5th – 8th Grade Youth | $99 each weekend

Download the registration brochure.

30 Hour Famine

February 24-26
Grow closer to Christ and each other as youth and leadership fast together for 30 hours and raise funds to fight hunger. Awesome (and fun!) Trek challenges, compelling videos, inspirational discussion ideas, and the thought-provoking Poverty Simulation all add up to an unforgettable retreat.
Jr. and Sr. High Youth | $94

Download the registration brochure.

Jr./Sr. High Retreat

March 10-12
Can you imagine cramming all the fun things about main camp into one weekend with all your best camp friends? Meet old friends, make new ones and spend a fun weekend with us at camp!
Jr. and Sr. High Youth | $99

Download the registration brochure.

Counselor Training

April 7-9 or
April 21-23

We know that young campers look up to their counselors and aspire to be just like them. At Lakeshore’s Counselor Training Camp, we take a weekend to guide our counselors-to-be towards the type of leaders that parents and children want them to be. Sign up through our registration portal under Jr/Sr. High opportunities.
15-18 year-old future counselors | $99


Young Adult Board Game Retreat

February 17-19
Remember before you had to adult? It’s time you had a few days off, don’t you think? We don’t think anyone should be too old to be a camper! Twice a year, Lakeshore offers an opportunity for young adults ages 18-35 to be campers with a grown-up twist. It allows participants to unplug from the distractions and anxieties of the world and be in community with God and each other. One retreat annually will be at Wilderness, where participants will sleep in permanent tents at our rustic campsite. The other young adult retreat will be hosted at main camp in Heritage Cabins. Reclaim your camper days with old friends and new ones. Spend time in community with each other and with God.
Ages 18-35 | $99

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February 17-19
Do you ever feel like you just have to express yourself or create something? The scrapbooking group gets your inner crafty side. Come relax and craft while making new friends and deepening your relationship with God.
Ages 18+ | $140

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