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This month, Lakeshore Camp and Retreat Center is working on one of its New Years’ Resolutions. We aim to add $1,000 to automatic monthly giving. Giving monthly helps us better plan for costs throughout the year. It’s support we can count on from people who understand our mission to offer ways for all to experience life, love and the God of grace.

Monthly giving is a convenient way for our donors to make an impact on our mission all year long by setting up a recurring gift in less than 5 minutes.

Read A Lakeshore Baker’s Dozen for an explanation of funding sources and the reason for the need for donors like you. But first, check out why our monthly donors feel it is so important to give to Lakeshore.

ben-burkeen-giving-photo“Spending so much time at Lakeshore molded me into the person I am today. Lakeshore has given me friendships, leadership skills, the ability to listen, a wealth of stories to tell, and an overwhelming sense of self and purpose. Giving to camp with my time was easy when I was younger, but giving financially was just the opposite while I was in school. Now that I’ve got my adult feet under me, it’s harder to sneak away to go spend weeks at camp, but I’m able to give financially in a way I could not before. Giving to camp is easy to do when it has given so much to me, but even more than that, it is an investment in helping to build the Lord’s Kingdom.”
-Ben Burkeen, Lakeshore Family since 2006

sara-mischke-monthly-giving“I decided to sign up for a monthly donation to Lakeshore because I’ve seen the beautiful work that they can do. I am confident that each month my money is helping Lakeshore show unconditional love to each person who steps foot on campus. Through their selfless actions and genuine desire to serve, I trust that my money is being used to best spread Life, Love and the God of Grace.”
-Sara Mischke, Lakeshore Family since 2005
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