Introducing Summer Staff 2017

-Jennie Dickerson

Years ago when I was on summer staff, the then Program Director Troy Taylor did a worship at orientation where he told us that lives would be changed through us that summer. For some reason those words have stuck with me for over ten years. It may have been then that it clicked that not only was camp, the organization, a ministry, but I, too, was a vessel for that ministry. My actions, my words, the love shown to my campers, my service to the staff were all important parts of the work God planned to do over the summer. Somehow in that moment I realized that I needed to be open and aware that God was using me. I needed to be willing to grow, stretch, change and deepen my understanding of Him to be a good and useful vessel, and I will never forget the decision to focus on those important things.

To the Summer Staff of 2017, we feel that you are ready to be that vessel for the work of God, and we are thrilled to have you serve in this ministry this year! Lives will certainly be changed through you this summer, and we think this experience will probably change yours too.

With no further ado, let us introduce this year’s summer staff!

DayShore Director: Eva Pray
DayShore Team Leader: David McDuffie
Oxley Director: Jeremy McDuffie
Wilderness Director: Emily Taylor

Activity Staff
Music Director: Brooke Cagle
1st Aid Director: Josten Jones
P.U.F: Kaylan Dowdy
Recreation Director: Rachel Cianciolo
Craft Director: Hannah Peeples
Adventure Director- Archery: Katlyn Griffis
Adventure Director- Ropes: Hayden Murry
Lifeguards: Kate Story
Megan Rinehart
Waterfront Directors: Ally Webb
Kari Kennel

Ally Hawkins
Amanda Camper
Ashleigh Porter (DayShore Lead Counselor- “DC”)
Charleston Johnson
Daniela Pacheco-Rosales
Emily O’Conner
Gabby Maxwell
Grace Ann Calfee (Wilderness/Oxley Counselor- “WO”)
Haley Murry
Katie Taylor
Lauren Riley
Lexi Grisanti
Mari McClanahan
Payden Taylor
Sara Woitowitz

Cameron Alderson
Daniel “DJ” Johnson
Don Davis
Jarrett Snider
Jordan Carpenter (DayShore Lead Counselor- “DC”)
Nic Darnell
Noah Houck (Wilderness/Oxley Counselor- “WO”)
Sam Fuller
Reco Britteman
Tanner Williams

Please pray for the ministry of Lakeshore this summer. Pray for the summer staff, the campers, the leadership, the volunteers and our permanent staff. Pray that all of us may be vessels to show and share life, love and the God of Grace.


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