Many Hands Make Light Work

Lakeshore is so ready for summer 2017, thanks to the hard work of some truly dedicated volunteers from all over the country. This summer we had three groups work many, many hours to make sure everything is perfect for our guests.

the NOMADS crew celebrating the end of their three week stay

This year, we enjoyed three weeks with a delightful group of N.O.M.A.D.S. (Nomads On a Mission Active in Divine Service), two days with Emmanuel UMC men and two days with Union City UMC fellows.

Rob Lamb and the Union City boys paneling Cabin 10.

The Emmanuel UMC Crew

The Emmanuel UMC Crew Part II!

Their hearts of service were truly a blessing as we were able to paint, remodel cabins, redo bathrooms, tile floors, put up siding, build a new kayak dock and so many more things that we couldn’t have gotten done without them.

Shortly after she left, NOMAD Joan Melvin sent us this reflection on her time here, and we wanted to share it with you. It is always refreshing to read what a person brand new to camp sees and discovers about our ministry on the Tennessee River.

Reflections on Lakeshore Methodist Assembly
NOMADS project in Eva, TN

Positioned adjacent to the wilderness camp and the Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park, our remote RV parking was located in a grassy area surrounded by the woods.  As I took my morning walks, the hushed forest became hallowed ground with no sound except the babbling brook and beautiful bird songs.   I am reminded of the verse “Be still and know that I am God” as the silence offered serenity.  God’s creation came alive all around me with budding trees and flower blossoms and by witnessing the new green life along the path, the woods became my sanctuary to meditate and reflect.  In the night sky, the stars were brighter and the big dipper became an amazing sight.  The sights and sounds of nature restored my soul as sleep restored my body to work yet another day.  Walking the stony road as well as climbing the endless hills contributed significantly to my exercise program of about 4 miles each day.

TV reception, phone or Interconnect connection was not available in the RV Area for three weeks so we had an electronic black out as well.  We could go about a mile to the Lakeshore Camp facilities to be connected to the world.  We had time to socialize with our Nomads team of nine from MS, IN, WI and MI and enjoyed many meals, games, stories, laughs, and campfires, as well as local area attractions together.  We experienced mostly sunny days while the nights just pleasantly cool.

Lakeshore Methodist Assembly hosts about 2,000 campers each year along with numerous retreats, Emmaus walks, and events.  While our time here was mainly building, repairing, painting, etc., our team felt privileged to be a small part of the camp ministry where many children and adults make their decision for Christ.  This is a large facility and it takes considerable labor to keep the buildings and grounds maintained and attractive.


If you are part of a group interested in volunteering to do service work in spring or fall, contact Jennie Dickerson at 731-584-6102 or


1458 Pilot Knob Rd
Eva, TN 38333

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