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Occasionally, we get the honor of meeting someone larger than life. Katy Branston was one of those people. She crammed a lot of life, love and adventure into her 29 years. When she passed away, memorials were held for her in five different cities, all across the country. Now, as a lasting memorial to her life, her father John Branston, has written a book of her amazing stories. For our final post in our mini-series about the life of Katy Branston, we thought we would share with you the blog post of a dear friend of the Branston family, Rheta Grimsley Johnson, as she introduces the book:


For many of us, Katy will always be frozen in time. That loud, fun laugh and that twinkle in her eye. Katy always had a story. If Katy impacted your life at camp or outside of camp, please consider giving a donation in memory of Katy to help us build a hammock village that will surely be the start of many stories for countless campers for years to come.

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