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In Summer 2018, DayShore will be in its third year. We have already seen amazing growth and stories from years one and two. Last year’s DayShore Team Leader, David McDuffie shared a few stories about his experience with the program that will be shared over this four post blog series. Be sure to read last week’s installment: “Sharing Grace and (birthday) Love”

“DayShore offers a true bridge between Lakeshore and the churches we serve. Now, Lakeshore’s mission is further connected to churches while aiding them in their goals of growing congregations and disciples. Moreover, staff and volunteers from the Lakeshore community can join with and serve alongside staff and volunteers from the churches we visit. Most importantly, campers are entering churches, enjoying their experience there, and growing more comfortable.

I told many church volunteers this summer that I hoped DayShore provided them a real opportunity to connect with campers. That way, they could forge connections, allowing them to fertilize and develop the seeds that DayShore plants in their children for the many years that follow. Hopefully, this contributes to the churches preparing more disciples and making even greater impacts in their communities.

Finally, working with DayShore offered an opportunity to see the youth volunteers grow in their confidence and leadership. Many of the youth volunteers from churches were young teenagers who had never held a position of responsibility around children before. Over the course of the week, these volunteers became more comfortable and vocal around the campers. Pastors and adult volunteers made comments to me that they also noticed these teenagers’ growth, and I hope that their experiences at DayShore will help equip them to be leaders in their youth groups and communities.”

We have a few spots left for DayShore hosts! If your church is interested in reaching out to your community members and deepening children’s relationships with God through DayShore, contact Allison Doyle to get started!

Lakeshore can’t do all the work in ministry it does without help from friends like you! Approximately 25% of our annual campership fund allows community children to attend DayShore. We are partnering with churches all over the conference to help us go and be about the family business. If you are moved by the work we are doing here, consider making a donation to the campership fund to ensure those opportunities for children to grow closer to God.


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