‘Tis the Season

I don’t know about you, but I love getting Christmas cards. In the digital world, we receive so little meaningful mail these days, but Christmas card season is an exception. I love seeing sweet family photos, reading updates about the year, and seeing people’s creativity spread holiday cheer.

Lakeshore’s Christmas card design this year was drawn by our very own Lakeshore alum, Hope Montgomery. This beautiful imagery gives homage to the Holy Family and the manger set at Wilderness camp.

I am so grateful that we are blessed with Emmanuel, God with Us. Many of the Lakeshore family can attest that we feel God’s powerful presence more strongly at camp. He is with us, from now until the end of days.

If this image resonates with you and you want to support Lakeshore, this Christmas card is available for order. The proceeds support the Lakeshore Future Fund, which will be split between the Campership Fund and the Building Fund as we adjust our buildings to reflect solutions to our space issues.

Lakeshore is running out of room for all the wonderful ministries we do here, and we are in the midst of prayerful discernment about what our future space may look like. In the meantime, we are making adjustments, working with architects, surveying our land, etc. to prepare for some new things at Lakeshore. The Lakehore Future Fund will help us get started.

Download the Christmas card order form to get started!


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