Third Generation Family: Suzanne Harvey

I started going to Lakeshore as an elementary camper in 2002 and went continually for three years, but then soccer camps and church events got in the way the next few summers, and I stopped trying to go back. It wasn’t until my sister, Dorothy, became a staff member in 2010 and asked me to be a camper again that I returned for Senior High. I instantly remembered why I love Lakeshore so much, began volunteer counseling, and became a resident counselor in 2013 and 2014.

Lakeshore is such a big part of not only my life, but also my family’s life. Both of my parents went to Lakeshore as kids, my mom is on the Board, my sister has yet to miss a summer since she began going as a camper, and my niece has been to camp for two summers already, and she’s not even two years old, yet! Lakeshore is a safe haven for so many, and it has become one for me as well. I know that no matter how much time has passed since I’ve been, I can always return, and I’ll always be welcome. The community at Lakeshore is special and unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced, and I can’t wait for the future generations of both my family and the families of those with whom I went to camp and was on staff to get to experience it as well!

-Suzanne Harvey

Join us as we build the vision for Lakeshore’s future. From now until the end of the year, all donations will go to the Lakeshore Future Fund, split between our Building and Campership funds. We plan to make small adjustments to our space at Lakeshore to improve our ministry and temporarily solve our limited space issues, while continuing to be committed to helping campers come via scholarship.


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