Meet the Directors 2021: Don Davis

This is the last installment of the Meet the Directors Series! We are ready for Summer 2021, and we want you to get to know all the directors who will be leading camps! Make sure to start at the beginning of this series to meet them all.

Name: Don Davis

Summer Staff Position: Dayshore Director

School: University of Memphis 

Major: General Education

Hometown: Memphis TN

Favorite Canteen Combo: Diet Dr. Pepper & Mr. Goodbar

Favorite Get to Know You Question: If you could meet yourself 10 years ago, what advice or guidance would you give?

Ideal Vacation Spot: It’s the Beach or NOTHING!

Dream Career: To have my own business in child care services or own multiple community centers to do work in communities.

Favorite Bible Verse: “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you.”  -James 4:10

Why do you think camp is important?

Camp is a place where God’s presence seems surreal. Everywhere you look you see an act or an extension of God’s unconditional love. Camp gives people the opportunity to network and meet folks from all over. You get broad and great perspectives on how people see God and what he does for them. I wish i could pinpoint the main reason why camp is so important to me but there are just too many important reasons why it is! It’s an experience like no other!

What are you looking forward to as a director?

Getting a full summer’s worth being at Dayshore as a director! I’m looking forward to seeing how I can lead the charge for a program that inspires me and reminds me of God’s great love!

If you are interested in getting involved with DayShore as a volunteer, or if your church would like to become a host, contact Allison Doyle for more information.


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