Meet the Directors 2022: Ben Ramer

This is the first installment of the 2022 Meet the Directors Series! We are looking forward to Summer 2022, and we want you to get to know all the directors who will be leading camps! Make sure to stay tuned for the rest of our series to meet them all.

Name: Benjamin Ramer

Position: Oxley Camp Director

School: Belmont University

Major: Architecture

Hometown: Lexington, TN

Fav. Canteen Combo: Cheez-Its or Snickers Ice Cream

Fav. Get to Know You Question: If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

Ideal Vacation Spot: Iceland

Dream Career: Entrepreneur

Fav. Bible Verse: “Do not let me be ashamed of my hope!” Psalm 119:116

Why do you think camp is important? Camp is an environment for everyone to flourish as we grow closer in our relationships with God together

What are you looking forward to as a director? I am looking forward to being a supporter and an encourager to counselors and campers alike so that everyone can have a camp experience that meets them wherever they are.

Our Camp Hope Series is designed to be a loving environment for at-risk youth. All of these campers receive a full campership. If you are interested in supporting the Camp Hope Series, please consider making a donation to the campership fund.


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