These are the 2021 Summer Protocols. Please read over them and call if you have any questions.

Camp Check-in

  • Campers will have their temperature taken. If the camper has a temperature of 100 or greater, the camper will be required to return home with their traveling party. (Every effort will be made to reschedule the camper for the summer of 2021 or 2022 with the option of receiving a full refund without penalty.)
  • Each camper will be asked to answer the following questions honestly:
    • Has the camper been in contact with a communicable illness (COVID-19, Flu, Chicken Pox, etc.) in the past 72 hours?
    • Has the camper had a fever above 100 degrees in the last 72 hours?
    • Does the camper have symptoms such as coughing, chest congestion, and/or shortness of breath?
  • The anticipated procedure will be to greet the traveling party upon arrival at the Craft Hut area (or other designated check-in locations as outlined in their confirmation letter) and take their temperature while they are still in their vehicle. Staff will ask parents the above questions and then tell campers which cabin they will be staying in for the week. The traveling party will be directed to a parking spot.
  • Campers and their parents/guardians/responsible party will continue the check-in process by turning in money and medicine (this includes prescription and over-the-counter medications) at the Conference Center. Masks must be worn inside at all times.
  • Parents, and others traveling with the camper, may walk with their camper to the cabin porch, where their counselors will greet them. They are asked not to enter the cabin.

Staff & Volunteer Expectations

  • All staff will be restricted from traveling off the camp property once the camp week has begun. (A camp session begins with the weekly staff meeting.) Only the First Aid Director, the PUF, and persons serving with them for the purpose of Safe Sanctuaries will be permitted to leave the property on official business for the camp. The Executive Director may grant rare exceptions.
  • Staff who are authorized to travel into the local community will be required to wear a mask and follow social distancing guidelines in every way possible.
  • Staff will have a temperature check at the start of each camp session (Weekly Staff Meeting) and the beginning of each day. They will be quarantined for 24 hours if they have a fever over 100. If other symptoms present themselves or the fever persists past the 24-hour period, they will be sent home for care.
  • Volunteer Leaders and Counselors for each week are considered Staff for purposes of this policy. They must also answer the same health questionnaire created for campers and have their temperature taken upon arrival. Those with a fever over 100 or answering any of the 3 questions positively will be sent home.
  • Staff will be encouraged to manage their weekend travel by limiting interaction with other persons, practicing social distancing in all situations, regularly washing hands, and wearing face masks when interfacing with the public.
  • Drop-in Visitors and Guests must call ahead of time to get approval and be willing to follow all Lakeshore protocols.

Cruising for Meals

  • The crew setting up for each meal will be required to wear gloves provided by the kitchen staff and their personal mask during set up. 
  • An activity staff leader will be appointed for each meal to oversee the set-up and clean-up to ensure that proper gear is being worn and each table and chairs are clean and sanitized at the end of each meal.
  • Table set up will include napkin, needed utensils, cup with ice, pitcher, and a scattering of individual condiment packets as needed for the meal. Campers will come to the drink station to have their pitchers filled by a staff member if needed.

Daily Cleaning

  • The maintenance staff, housekeeping staff, and/or volunteers will sanitize the bathrooms and other surface areas in all meeting areas and cabins daily.
  • The Program Director and possibly volunteers will inspect cabins throughout the week, give a grade, and require cabins to provide additional cleaning where appropriate.
  • WILDERNESS CAMP will be encouraged to open the tent flaps to air out tents daily when the forecast anticipates no precipitation.
  • Counselors (including Wilderness/Oxley camps) will wipe down mattress coverings with sanitary wipes at the conclusion of every camp week and will do the same for the area they slept in over the weekend.
  • Electrostatic Sprayers and solution will be used in all cabins and gathering areas at the close of each week prior to the arrival of those scheduled for the upcoming week.

Activity Areas & Equipment

  • Activity staff and others leading activities will maintain and sanitize their areas and the equipment that is used before the beginning of a new activity period.
  • Cabin and Living Groups are encouraged to practice social distancing when possible and travel as a group to scheduled activities.
  • Each cabin will have a designated sitting space during session time and all other camp gatherings to allow for social distancing. The Conference Center wall will be opened to allow campers to spread out as appropriate.
  • Cabin and Living Groups are not required to wear a mask when they are together and away from other groups. Masks, however, need to be worn when the schedule requires interaction with campers from other cabin/living groups. The major exception is when campers are in the pool. Social distancing will be practiced when out of the water.

When Symptoms Arise During the Camp Week

  • Any camper presenting with a fever will be isolated and evaluated for no more than a 24- hour period. Those exhibiting a fever with additional COVID-like symptoms will be isolated until they can be picked up and returned to their home or health care provider.
  • The cabin of one who is sent home will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized as much as is possible, and the parents of other campers in that cabin unit will be informed, but not alarmed, regarding the situation
  • The First-Aid Director, the RN, and any other staff caring for a camper presenting with fever or COVID-like symptoms are expected to use the best available PPE. N95 masks and face shields are on hand and will be provided for our medical personnel and First Aid Director.
    *NOTE: Lakeshore will attempt to provide PPE for our medical staff but have no guaranteed supply options.

Canteen/Free Time

  • Deans and Leadership teams will be asked to gather their campers to their established sitting areas and dismiss them two cabins at a time (one to the outside window, the other to the inside window). In larger camps (over 8 cabin groups), Deans are encouraged to send half of the camp to canteen and release the other half to assigned free-time activities. At the midpoint, the camp halves will swap with the former free-time group being sent to canteen and the canteen group to free-time activities.
  • Counselors are asked to gather their groups to enjoy and finish their refreshments before sending them off for free-time activities.
  • Living Groups may sign up to play GaGa Ball during free time. A staff person will facilitate the games and oversee the reservations. Living Groups will be called when it is time for them to play.
  • Staff and Counselors will work as social distancing police to ensure that campers in all areas are maintaining distance for those not in the same cabin group.
  • Counselors will carry camper’s masks with them at all times in individually marked ziplock-like bags. When campers leave the cabin group, the counselor will ensure that each camper receives their mask and is told to wear it when interacting with persons not in their cabin/living group community.

Areas/Times Masks are Required

  • Campers will be required to bring their own masks
  • During Check-in/Registration (Counselors will wear masks when greeting parents at the door and welcoming the camper but will not be required to wear their masks when in the cabin)
  • When one is around another cohort group.
  • When in the Dining Hall, this includes standing in line and moving around to take up plates or leave. Masks may be removed when sitting at the table.
  • At Worship programs (especially during singing)
  • When singing at the beginning of session times. (Singing tends to send droplets into the air much farther than normal talking)
  • When going to the bathroom.
  • When Cruising/Cleaning Up after meals.
  • Staff during Check-Out who are working the canteen and the tables. (Parking lot does not have to wear a mask at Check-Out but must at Check-In)


  • Tables will be set up in front of the Conference Center (weather permitting) to facilitate the signing out of their campers to eliminate or decrease the number of persons entering the building in hopes of avoiding a crowded situation. Families will be able to pick up camper medications, visit the Canteen, and use the restroom inside the Conference Center.
  • Masks are expected to be worn when entering any building.
  • Staff personnel will notify the Deans and Leadership Teams to send the camper out to join their parents. The canteen will be open at the INSIDE window, and the tape will be placed appropriately to facilitate family distancing. (This includes all checkout tables)
  • Persons working the Canteen and Checkout tables are required to wear masks when the parents et al. are before them.
  • Parents and others picking up their campers are asked to load up their traveling party and hit the road as quickly as possible to help in avoiding an over-crowding situation that might limit the ability to social distance from others.
  • Camp Deans are urged to end all activities 30 minutes prior to the scheduled check-out time.