Questions regarding summer camp and COVID-19:

We understand that you may have some questions revolving around this pandemic and how camp plans to protect you and your camper(s).

  1. What steps are being taken to screen children for sickness?
    • This year we are adding an extra station at check-in.  This station will be located outside the conference center in a shaded area. Each person, including parents, siblings, etc. will need to have their temperature taken. If someone other than the camper has a fever, we will ask them to wait in their car. We will also need parents/guardians to fill out a health form.

      Campers must be fever free for 72 hours without the use of an antipyretic (ibuprofen, Tylenol). If they have had a fever above 100 degrees in the last 72 hours, they must go home. They can return once they have been fever-free without antipyretic for 72 hours.

  2. What steps are being taken to sanitize cabins between camps?
    • We are increasing our cleaning procedures to match those of the CDC standards. If you would like to know about these standards you can go to the CDC Cleaning Guidelines

  3. Is there a quarantine area if someone becomes sick at camp?
    • Yes. We will have an area set aside for if someone gets sick.

  4. What are your procedures if someone gets sick at camp?
    • If a camper, volunteer or staff member has a fever and no COVID 19 symptoms during the week of camp, we will immediately quarantine said person for 24 hours and closely monitor them. If they are not better after 24 hours, they will need to go home. 

      If a camper, volunteer or staff member has a fever and symptoms of a communicable illness, they will need to go home immediately. If we send a camper home due to a suspected communicable illness, we will contact the parents of the camper’s cabin mates and those in that living group. We will let them know that we’ve sent a camper home, explain our procedures and that we are closely monitoring each kid and counselor in the living group. In closely monitoring the campers and counselors, we will frequently check for fever and symptoms. If there is a second camper sent home due to a suspected communicable illness, we will contact the parents of every camper in that camp
  5. How are you preparing the staff?
    • Updating our all camps to help avoid close contact.
    • Staff temperatures will be checked daily.
    • The staff will be trained in our updated policies and procedures regarding COVID-19. This will include sanitizing activity areas and cabins daily.
  6. Will there be hand washing or sanitizing stations set up at all the activity areas?
    • Yes
  7. If my child can’t come to camp due to COVID-19, will I get a refund?
    • We will miss your child this summer! Because this global pandemic will have a significant financial impact on camp, we are asking families to consider donating their summer camp fees to help keep camp running. Alternatively, you may reserve your spot for Summer 2021 now with your 2020 fee. If neither of these options are possible for you, we are happy to refund your Summer 2020 fee.
  8. How will you protect my wilderness camper?
    • We have installed hand sanitizer stations at the Treehouse campsite and will be including both Treehouse and the bathhouse in our daily cleaning and disinfectant schedule.