We love having people are are willing to serve join our team, especially during the summer. We have a few different ways you can apply to be a part of our Summer Camp experience.

All applicants will need to fill out the proper application, submit it, return two references (except Camp Joy), and return a medial form. Lakeshore’s staff will contact you about further information. If you have any question email our Program Director.

All adults 18 and older are subject to a Criminal Background check.

Summer Staff

If you wish to apply to be a part of our awesome summer staff team you can find our applications below. If you wish to learn more about our Summer Staff click here.

Application Checklist

1. Complete Summer Staff Application
2. Complete Medical Form Summer 2018
3. Return two completed references using the Summer Staff Reference Form 2018

Important Dates

Application Deadline: March 3rd
Interview Date: March 17th
Summer Camp Session: May 17th – August 3rd


Volunteer Counselors

Our summer would not function without volunteers like you! Fill out the application below, check all camps you are available to serve. Remember you don’t have a camp until you are called. You will not be called until closer to summer.  If you have not signed up for Counselor Training you can do so by clicking here. There is no deadline but don’t wait too late or you might not be invited to serve a camp.

Volunteer Counselor Checklist

  1. Complete the Volunteer Counselor Application
  2. Complete the Medical Form Summer 2018
  3. Return two completed references using the Volunteer Counselor Reference Form 2018