Camp isn’t just for kids! Adults 18+ are welcome to enjoy the rest and relaxation a weekend away offers. Come experience life, love and the God of Grace.


November 15-17
Do you ever feel like you just have to express yourself or create something? The scrapbooking group gets your inner crafty side. Come relax and craft while making new friends and deepening your relationship with God.
Scrapbook flyer for November
Ages 18+ | $140

Wonder, Love and Praise Retreat

Lakeshore Camp & Retreat Center, the Board of Ordained Ministry and worship leaders throughout the Memphis Conference have joined together to offer an alternative to Continuing Education events which feature talking heads, rushed schedules and endless notetaking. Take part in a worshiping community for three days following the best methods of Methodism. The Wesleyan daily worship schedule will serve as our guide.

  • When was the last time you were lost in wonder, love, and praise?
  • When was the last worship service you attended for which you were not responsible?
  • When did you worship last without attending to service details or providing the sermon?
  • When did you last have the luxury of allowing spirited music to wash over you and provide a balm in Gilead?
  • When did you last allow worship to do its holy work within you?

Join us for three days of worship, prayer, Spiritual Direction and Sabbath rest at Lakeshore. Bring a heart that needs rest and renewal; bring a spirit that could stand some refreshment; bring an open mind ready for trustworthy guides; bring all the silence you can stand, ready to allow holy solitude and spiritual songs to work their restoration in all of us together! In a retreat style that connects with the cycle of daily hours, Iona and Taize, November 3-6 promises revival along with a time-tested and trustworthy antidote to burned-out and worn-out faith life. Come to the TN River and Lakeshore Camp & Retreat Center for wonder, love, and praise!

We even have a variety of retreats for adults throughout the conference to enjoy!

Youth Workers Sabbatical

Youth Workers unite! Gather for a much needed time of Sabbath and to worship, explore various spiritual practices, rest, and spend time in connection with one another.

United Methodist Women

Women, give yourself a weekend away to learn and grow in faith while meeting other women from throughout the Memphis Conference.


At this two-day reunion, the retired clergy of the Methodist church gathers in fellowship and worship. It is a testament to the relational aspect of the Methodist church and the relationships formed in ministry.