Conference Retreats

At Lakeshore, we work closely with the Memphis Annual Conference to provide the best program for Methodist groups of all ages. Meet friends from around the conference and grow together on one of these retreats.

Youth Retreats

These retreats are for Jr. and Sr. High age youth groups & will give them an opportunity to grow in their faith, build community and strengthen bonds within the group. Youth & adults will get to meet others from throughout the conference & build lasting friendships.

Jr./Sr. High Retreats have a new format this year! Due to an overwhelming number of registrations and an ever-growing waiting list, we are offering the same curriculum twice a year.

The Conference Youth Council will lead a retreat in the fall and spring, using the same programming. Choose the dates that work best for you. Lakeshore will lead a reteat called See all the People twice a year, one in the fall and one in the spring.

Don’t miss out on these faith formation opportunities. Sign up for one of each!

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