Our Retreats

At Lakeshore, the fun doesn’t stop when summer is over. We offer several retreats throughout the year for kids and adults of all ages.


For kids ages 12-18 who just can’t wait to come back to camp, these retreats are for them!

Due to an overwhelming number of registrations for the Jr./Sr. High Retreats and an ever-growing waiting list, we are offering the same curriculum twice a year.

The Conference Youth Council will lead a retreat in the fall and spring, using the same programming. Choose the dates that work best for you. Lakeshore will lead a reteat called See all the People twice a year, one in the fall and one in the spring.

Don’t miss out on these faith formation opportunities. Sign up for one of each!

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Camp isn’t just for kids! Adults 18+ are welcome to enjoy the rest and relaxation a weekend away offers. Come experience life, love and the God of Grace.

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