Retreats are a great way for students to gain a deeper understand of community, leadership, and hands on learning. We have a wide range of activities and programs that can be catered to meet your students needs.

We have programs that can be adapted to all grade levels, including college students, and various class sizes.

Schools we have collaborated with:

  • Briarcrest Middle School- Memphis, TN
  • Camden High School- Camden, TN
  • Henry County High School- Paris, TN
  • Houston Middle School- Memphis, TN
  • Martin Westview High School: Profession Developmental- Martin, TN
  • Martin Westview High School: Girls Basketball- Martin, TN
  • Murray State University- Murray, KY
  • Union University- Jackson, TN
  • University of Memphis Campus School- Memphis, TN

Call us to see where we can help enrich your educational program.