Who is in charge around here? Our 36 summer staff members who receive 156 hours of training, are under the direct supervision of our Executive Director, Rev. Gary D Lawson, and Program Director, Allison Doyle.

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Counselors will be trained to serve campers directly as caretakers, mentors, and spiritual leaders. They will guide campers in growing, overcoming fears, and making new friends. Counselors plan and lead worship on an assigned night. Counselors participate in all activities alongside their campers.

Resident Counselors are the primary cabin counselors. They are with the campers day and night. They are responsible for camper’s physical, emotional, and spiritual safety. Counselors ensure all campers arrive where they need to be on time.

Wilderness/Oxley Counselor is a Resident Counselor who spends the summer serving our Wilderness camp and Camp Hope Series, a camp for at-risk youth. These counselors are trained to lead all camp activities. They will be required to have their lifeguard certification, as well as, a TWRA Boating License.

DayShore Counselor is the primary counselor at our off-site day camp program. On top of normal counselor responsibilities, the DayShore counselor will be responsible for leading activities and interest groups. This position will spend the majority of the summer off-site.

Activity Staff does not stay in the cabins with campers. General responsibilities for all activity staff positions listed below include, but are not limited to: planning and leading all camp activities for every camp, leading interest groups, working in the canteen, working check in/out and parking lot, and leading worship when assigned. Activity Staff members have specialized areas they are responsible for as well. The description for each of those positions are below.

Music Director is responsible for leading fun, high energy music for the start of all overnight camp sessions. He/she is the primary musician for all nightly worships and is responsible for the set-up of technology for session and worship. He/she will also lead age-appropriate music fun activity periods.

First Aid Director will work alongside our volunteer nurse for the week. Together they will distribute medications, provide basic first aid, comfort homesick campers, manage illness/prevent spreading illnesses, and determining when campers should visit the hospital or return home. He/She will be on call 24/7, and should be easily reachable. Must be 18 years of age or older.

Program Utility Facilitator “PUF” has many responsibilities. The PUF is responsible for cooking breakfast for Wilderness camps daily, and cooking Camp Hope breakfast once a week. The PUF will also cook for the Wilderness and Camp Hope cookouts. The PUF is responsible for managing the canteen; this includes: keeping inventory, ordering drinks and ice cream, and managing candy supply. The PUF ensures that bank cards are balanced, and that the parents/guardians receive the correct amount of money back at the end of the week. The PUF will make one or two weekly trips to Walmart for program supplies. The PUF will ensure that all the camps have what they need in order for the camp to run smoothly.

Recreation Director is responsible for leading the recreation and big group games activity periods. He/she will be responsible for planning age appropriate games and sport activities for the activity periods. He/she will also plan our Progressive Games (messy and wet games) all camp, as well as, field games. He/she will ensure that every station has an activity staff member to work it. 

Craft Director is responsible for leading the crafts activity period. He/she will be responsible for teaching campers how to make bracelets, fuse beads, tie-dye, and whatever creative activities he/she can come up with. He/she will keep inventory of all craft supplies, and ensure we have an adequate amount of all supplies for each week of camp. 

Adventure Director-Archery will be responsible for leading archery and precisely following safety procedures at the archery range. He/she will also maintain the upkeep of all archery equipment. *He/she will help cover the job responsibilities of the other Adventure Director as necessary.

Adventure Director-Ropes is responsible for the activity areas of low ropes, high ropes, and creek stomping. With low ropes, he/she is responsible for ensuring there are enough facilitators, including him/herself as a facilitator. He/she will be responsible for the set-up, facilitation, and takedown of high ropes. He/she will also need to ensure there are enough facilitators. He/she will need to maintain the upkeep of all ropes equipment and keeping accurate records on the rope logs. He/she will lead the creek stomping activity period when available. This is a time campers go to the creek to explore. *He/she will help cover the job responsibilities of the other Adventure Director as necessary.

Lifeguards will share the responsibilities of lifeguarding at the pool and waterfront. Each week, the lifeguards will be assigned to either the waterfront, pool, or roaming. The lifeguards will need to be able to teach canoeing, kayaking, and stand up paddleboarding. They will drive boats, and help our Watersports and Aquatics camp drive boats for water sport activities as needed. They will maintain the cleanliness of the water recreation center, the boathouse, and the boats. They will be required to be lifeguard certified, as well as, getting a TWRA Boating License. The lifeguards are responsible for planning Water Olympics and Beach Party all camp activities. They will be responsible for recruiting other activity staff members to work stations at these activities.

Staff Requirements

  • Graduated High School by May 2021
  • Pass Background Check
  • First Aid/CPR/AED Certification
  • Completed Counselor Training
  • Any additional certifications for specific jobs (i.e. Lifeguard, TWRA Boating License)

We hire mature young adults that give of their time, talents, energy, and faith to ensure that your child has the most amazing week of his or her life. They sacrifice a lot to be able to serve in a leadership capacity for your camper. They do all of this so your child can have the opportunity to experience God in a loving and accepting faith community.

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