Counselor Training at Lakeshore

At Lakeshore’s Counselor Training Camp, we take a weekend to guide our counselors-to-be towards the type of leaders that parents and children want them to be.

Each Counselor Training Weekend begins on Friday evening at 7:30pm and ends Sunday afternoon at 3:00pm. Counselors need only attend one training weekend. During the seven training sessions that take place during the weekend, we will teach using discussion, videos, role play, skits, and good old camp stories to help potential counselors grasp what important work counseling is. We hope communicate how much sacrifice and hard work counselors before them have made and be inspired to do the same.

During the weekend, we will emphasize involvement in everything at camp, teach ways to handle difficult situations, train for safe sanctuaries at camp, instruct on planning a worship, and pass along tricks of the trade we’ve picked up over many years of camp work. Counselors will be asked to participate in sessions and lead a worship service for their peers during the weekend. There will also be devotion times throughout the week and communion on the last day. Counselors will interact with other counselors-to-be and cultivate what could be life-long friendships.

There are, of course, some things that only experience can teach, but we work hard in our Counselor Training Weekend to be sure we have prepared our trainees as much as possible for that first day, when 12 campers walk into their cabin and begin calling them, “counselor.”

Training #1 – February 16-18, 2017
Training #2 – April 6-8, 2017

Becoming a Volunteer Counselor at Lakeshore

  1. Once you are 15 years old, you can register to be trained at our Counselor Training Weekend. Just attend only one of the three weekends throughout the year.
  2. After signing up and being trained as a counselor, complete a Volunteer Counselor Application including two references, checking all the weeks of summer camp you will be available. Return the forms to Lakeshore before the deadline printed on the form. 
  3. Wait for Camp Deans from the weeks you signed up for to contact you. Deans have a certain number counselors they are trying to recruit and don’t always use every volunteer who puts in a form. Especially if you are younger, you may not always get recruited, but be patient. The more weeks you’re available for, the better your chances. The Camp Dean will give you further information when they contact you.

The Benefits of Camp Counseling

To the outsider, camp counseling may just seem like playing with kids, but there is much more going on. First, at Lakeshore our counselors are the life blood of the program. They work very long hours (usually 7am to midnight) with few breaks (about an hour a day), and they are asked to be actively involved in everything that happens at camp. While the campers are playing, counselors are taught to be right in the middle playing with their campers.

By being so involved in the lives of campers, counselors get a crash course in child development, psychology, and, above all, patience. Counselors learn how to work with large groups, how to manage time, and how to interact with sometimes very different people. Counselors often naturally become good role models, because the attentive counselor learns that their campers mimic most of what he/she does. But, what’s more, through counseling, many see something in themselves that they did not realize was there.

Counselors at Lakeshore are not just glorified babysitters. They care for children and youth. They bring joy and comfort into thousands of lives each year. They lead worship. Think about this: sixteen and seventeen year olds leading hundreds in worship. They take stands to do what is right. None of us are without fault, but the Memphis Conference has something to be proud of in the counselors that come from Lakeshore. In many from this group of volunteers and staff, we have the future leaders of our church.

Our summer would not function without volunteers like you. Fill out the appropriate application below along with 2 references, and a medical form.  There is no deadline but don’t wait too late or you might not be invited to serve a camp.


New VC application

If you have never served a camp this application is for you. Fill out the application complete, check all camps you are available to serve.  Remember you don’t have a camp until you are called. You will not be called until closer to summer.  

Returning VC application

If you have volunteered in the past this application is for you. Remember to complete turn in all your information and check all available weeks. Wait patiently as we prepare for the summer. Glad you are joining us!

Camp Joy Volunteer Application

If you wish to only serve as a Volunteer Counselor for Camp Joy this is your application. If you want to serve Camp Joy and any other camp, fill out one of the above applications. Camp Joy is listed on all applications.

Once you have completed your form please send us a medical form and wait for Bro. Paul, the Dean of the camp, to contact you. We are always in need of several volunteers, but the exact number all depends on how many campers we have register.

Reference Form

Medical Form

Volunteer Hours

Many of our Volunteer Counselors use the time they serve in ministry as credit for volunteer hours. If you need credit for hours, after you have completed your camp, fill out this volunteer hours form.