Questions regarding summer camp and COVID-19:

We understand that you may have questions revolving around this pandemic, and how the camp plans to protect you and your camper(s).

What steps are being taken to screen children for sickness?
Campers and those traveling with them will have their temperature taken. If the camper or any person in the traveling party has a temperature of 100 or greater, the camper will be required to return home with their traveling party. (Every effort will be made to reschedule the camper for camp later in the summer)

A parent/guardian/responsible adult will be given a form and will need to answer the following questions in the negative:
– Has the camper been in contact with a communicable illness (COVID-19, Flu, Chicken Pox, etc.) in the past 72 hours?
– Has the camper had a fever above 100 degrees in the past 72 hours?
– Does the camper currently have any symptoms such as coughing, chest congestion, and/or shortness of breath?

What steps are being taken to sanitize cabins between camps?
– The maintenance staff, housekeeping staff, and/or volunteers will sanitize the bathrooms and other surface areas in all meeting areas and cabins daily.
– The program staff and volunteers will inspect camper cabins daily, give a grade/reward, and require cabins to provide additional cleaning where appropriate.
– WILDERNESS CAMP will be encouraged to open the tent flaps to air out tents daily when the forecast is anticipating no precipitation.
– Counselors (including Wilderness/Oxley camps) will wipe down mattress coverings with sanitary wipes at the conclusion of every camp week and will do the same for the area they slept in over the weekend.
– We are increasing our cleaning procedures to match those of the CDC standards. If you would like to know more about these standards, you can go to the CDC Cleaning Guidelines.

Is there a quarantine area if someone becomes sick at camp?
Yes. We will have a quarantined area set aside.

What are your procedures if someone gets sick at camp?
– Any camper presenting with a fever will be isolated and evaluated for no more than a 24-hour period. Those exhibiting a fever with additional COVID-like symptoms will be isolated until they can be picked up and returned to their home or health care provider.
– The cabin of one who is sent home will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized as much as possible, and the parents of other campers in that cabin unit will be informed, but not alarmed, regarding the situation.
– The First-Aid Director, the RN, and any other staff caring for a camper presenting with fever or COVID-like symptoms are expected to use the best available PPE.

How are you preparing the staff?
– The staff will spend a week being trained on our updated policies and procedures regarding COVID-19. This will include sanitizing activity areas and cabins daily.
– Staff temperatures will also be checked daily.

Will there be hand washing or sanitizing stations set up all activity areas?
Yes. We will have a way for everyone to sanitize their hands before each activity.

If my child can’t come to camp due to COVID-19, will I get a refund?
We will miss your child this summer! As you can imagine, this virus has had a significant financial impact on camp. We are asking all families to consider donating all or part of their registration fee to camp to ensure we can continue to provide camps in the future, OR you may use that fee to hold a spot for 2023 at the 2022 price. We understand that many of our families have been affected by this, so if neither of those options works for you, we are happy to issue a full refund.

How will you protect my wilderness camper?
There will be hand sanitizing stations at the Treehouse campsite. The Treehouse campsite, along with the bathhouse, will be included in our daily cleaning and disinfecting schedule.

Will Lakeshore provide a mask for my camper?
We are asking that all parents provide their own mask for their campers.


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