Lakeshore is the place we call home with friends who have become family. It is a beauty, but it has always been more about the people than the location. Now, the family has a digital place, even when we are far from home.

Cabin 17 is a group of monthly donors who believe in the work we do. As a monthly donor, you will ensure that our funding is spread throughout the year, making it easier to provide the best activities and hospitality we can. In addition, monthly gifts are convenient for you–just set it and forget it–and they reduce administration time and cost. This way, we get to spend more time doing camp than thinking about funding camp. It’s a win-win!

Plus, more than making things more convenient for you and us, Cabin 17 members get a quarterly e-newsletter with special updates about camp and a video message from Papa G or Allison about what goes on behind the scenes. Sometimes, we are working on projects we want feedback on but are not quite ready to share with everyone yet, so get signed up to vote, comment, and tell us what you think!Here’s how. Pick your Cabin 17 monthly giving tier below to determine your swag, and set up your monthly donation of $5 or more here.

To update your payment information and donation, please call our office at 731-584-6102 or our Director of Development Ashleigh Porter at 615-491-6416.


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