If you like being outdoors and building community among a close-knit group of friends these wilderness camps are for you. These camps are available for all campers age 9-18.

TreeHouse Wilderness | Watersports Wilderness | Hammock Camp

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TreeHouse Wilderness Camps

Set out on a wilderness adventure and join one of Lakeshore’s most popular camps. Campers sleep in platform tents on top of a high hill overlooking the forest and river below. While the main wilderness site is rustic (no electricity or running water), there is a bathhouse with showers at the bottom of the hill. This camp is limited to 26 which allows campers and leadership to build a tight knit community in just one short week. The week is full of outdoor adventures including: an off-site canoe trip to the Buffalo River, climbing the High ropes course, zooming over the trees on a zipline and exploring parts of Lakeshore very few people see.

TreeHouse #1                      May 27-30    ages 11-14    $457  $422  $387 *CANCELED*

TreeHouse #2 – Extended    May 31-June 6    ages 11-14     $524  $489  $454 *CANCELED*

TreeHouse #3 – Elem**      June 29-July 2      ages 9-11     $284  $249  $214

TreeHouse #4 – Extended         July 19-25   ages 11–14      $524  $489  $454


Watersports Wilderness Camps – ages 12–15

wsw-1-2016-tubing-131-1280x854Housed in Lakeshore’s TreeHouse Wilderness Camp (see description above) this camp is all about the water. Older campers will get some time on Kentucky Lake skiing, kneeboarding or tubing. These camps also travel off-site for a day of canoeing on the Buffalo River. Water time is balanced with some of the usual Lakeshore activities like crafts, recreation and maybe even a movie night.


Watersports #1 Sr. High    June 8-13  ages 14-18    $457  $422  $387 *CANCELED*

Watersports #2                      June 15-20  ages 12-15   $457  $422  $387 *CANCELED*

Watersports #3 – Extended  June 21-27  ages 12-15    $524  $489  $454

Watersports #4                      July 13-18   ages 12-15    $457  $422  $387

Hammocking Camp

If you love to hammock in the woods, enjoy your time in God’s creation, and don’t mind waking up with the sun, then this is the camp for you! Sleeping each night in our hammock shelter you will form a tight-knit community that is never short on laughter, real talk, inside jokes, deep faith conversations, and relaxing reflective time.

Don’t worry, you don’t just hang around all week. This small group of adventurers will explore learning new skills like fire building, knot tying, and navigation, while not missing out on any of the basic camp activities. These campers will not travel off-site for a canoe trip on the Buffalo River but will still have lots of adventure throughout their week. This is a great camp mixed with high energy competition, relaxing chill time, and amazing encounters with God.

Hammock #1 – Sr. High          May 25-30      ages 14-18    $457  $422  $387 *CANCELED*

Hammock #2 – Jr. High           June 8-13       ages 11-14    $457  $422  $387 *CANCELED*

Hammock #3 – Elem. Ext.*     June 21-27    ages 8-11       $524  $489  $454



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