Lakeshore offers a series of camp programs designed to meet the specific needs of children and youth living on the edges. These programs are NOT designed to be a psycho-analytical counseling experience, but a time of building community and bearing witness to the hope of God’s dependable and unconditional love. These camps are offered without a fee, however, persons or organizations wishing to fund the cost of these camps may do so at a fee of $300 per camper.

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Elementary Camp Hope – ages 8-12 –June 7-11, 2021

e3-2013-fri-activities-10-1280x853This camp session is a Christ-centered, spiritually empowering 5-day/4-night summer camp experience for children (ages 8–12) with past or present exposure to alcohol and/or drug abuse. Surrounded with the usual wonders of Lakeshore, this time of recreation, friendship, and Bible-based fun is intended to lead campers to an awareness of love and acceptance we all enjoy in God’s kingdom. (This camp is limited to 24 females and 24 males).

*Campers check out Friday at 1 pm.

Camp Teen Hope

Teen Hope Camp is the teenage version of Elementary Camp Hope. (see description above). Teen Hope Campers will enjoy all the adventure Lakeshore has to offer on Kentucky Lake. A little water tubing and beach fun will join up with the usual Lakeshore activities, including our ropes course, for a week of great fun.

Camp Teen Hope #1 – Females                        May 31 – June 4, 2021     ages 12–15 

Camp Teen Hope #2 – Males                            June 7-11, 2021               ages 12–15

Camp Teen Hope #3 – Sr. High Females        June 14-18, 2021              ages 15–18

Camp Teen Hope #4 – Males                            July 12-16, 2021              ages 12–15

Camp Grace

For female victims of sexual abuse—anger, loneliness, and confusion are just a few of the things at play in our emotions. We need to be able to trust, experience self-worth, and be a valid part of the community again. As we explore the adventure-based activities that make Lakeshore great fun, we will also look into the gift God has given us in our sexuality, the ugliness that some people place upon it, and the things it takes to become secure in it all.

Females     July 19-23, 2021       ages 12–16

Camp Peace

This camp addresses the needs of children and youth in our society who respond to everyday situations and problems with aggressive behavior. Camp staff will help youth learn ways to short-circuit their tendency toward violent responses while helping campers develop effective problem-solving skills that enable them to avoid confrontation. Add in all the fun and wonder of Lakeshore’s normal camp activities, the opportunity to develop new friendships, and the beauty of God’s fabulous creation and you have all the elements of a life-changing week.

Camp Peace #1 – Females         June 21-25, 2021           ages 12–15

Camp Peace #2 – Males             June 28 – July 2, 2021    ages 12–15

Camp Peace #3 – Females        July 26-30, 2021               ages 12–15

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