Permanent Staff

The Rev. Gary D. Lawson, Sr.

Position: Executive Director
Years on Staff: 30 Years (Began May 1, 1992)
Favorite Canteen Combo: YooHoo and a Payday
Where have you seen God at camp: Literally, EVERYWHERE! I have seen God in the way the summer staff gives themselves to the campers in their charge, their gut-wrenching commitment to the least, the last and the lost, and the gifts that are theirs for leading young people. I have seen God in the environment, watching the sunrise over the lake, sitting under a beech tree near the creek, and in ever-growing facilities that invite persons to come apart for rest. This is Sacred Ground.
Why is camp important?: Although God is in every place, the sacred ground that is camp and retreats serves to bring a camper/guest peace, allow them to let down one’s guard, toss aside the masks that “real” life requires, and boldly risk the grace of God’s presence. In these ways, God’s grace lifts the importance of love and justice as each guest grows in their discipleship. They discover that the Kingdom of God is one big family and learn that they are called to go forth to be about the family business in every facet of their lives. In this setting, young people become leaders with confidence and experience and often hear God’s call to make a difference in the world around them. Frankly, camps and retreats are means of grace where one can more readily encounter life, love, and the God of Grace.

Vickie Lawson

Position: Office Manager
Lakeshore Connection: Married to Executive Director, Gary Lawson
Former Summer Staff Position: None
Favorite Canteen Combo:  Diet Dr. Pepper & Milky Way
Where have you seen God at camp?:  I see God’s hand in the community that always builds during any group’s time at camp.  Upon arrival, there is a separation evident within any group, whether it be summer campers or retreat guests.  However, just after a few short days of being in a supportive & loving community, the way the group changes is amazing – they are freer to be open with each other, accept their differences, love each other easily, dance & sing with enthusiasm, and hate to leave each other. This is the kind of community that God wants for us everywhere, but it is very evident at camp.
Why is camp important?:  See my answer above.  To learn to be in a true community with others (especially those that are different from you) is one of the valuable lessons you learn at camp. Exposure to nature and being “unplugged” is another reason camp is so very necessary to our society today.

Allison Doyle

Position: Program Director
Lakeshore Connection: Started coming to Lakeshore to Parent and Me camp and have been coming ever since.
Summer Staff Positions:
2011: Resident Counselor
2012: Resident Counselor
2013: Adventure Director
2015: Summer Intern
Favorite Canteen Combo: Root Beer and Reese’s Ice Cream
Where have you seen God at camp? As I’m sure all those before me have, I’ve seen God all around camp. One of the places I really see God is the High Ropes course. There is something so special about seeing campers conquer fears, and do something they never thought possible. I believe this helps them grow in confidence in who they are, and who God made them to be.
Why is Camp Important? Camp is important because it creates an environment of love and acceptance. Camp is a place where you experience God’s unconditional love, friends who become family, and a place you can
call home.

Position: Director of Communications
Lakeshore Connection: Came as a camper and returned every summer.
Former Summer Staff Positions:
2015 – Resident Counselor
2016 – Lifeguard
2017 – Adventure Director: Nature/Archery
2018 – Lead Lifeguard
Favorite Canteen Combo: Mello Yello & M&M ice cream
Where have you seen God at camp?: I’ve seen God in many places and experienced Him in many moments at camp. But I see him the most in the one-on-one conversations I have had with campers, staff, and volunteers. It is in the moments when we have conversations and openness with one another that we’ve allowed room for His Spirit to flow through.
Why is camp important?: Camp is important because it gives us a place to break away from the outside world and be around fellow believers. It is a place that we are truly ourselves and feel welcomed despite our flaws. Camp was where I finally accepted God into my life and wanted Him to use my life. It is also the place I have witnessed a change in a person’s life, a moment of pure worship, a reconnection with God, and it has provided whatever a person needed at that moment.

Dian Turner

Position: Registrar
Lakeshore Connection: Friends
Former Summer Staff Positions: None
Favorite Canteen Combo: Dr. Pepper & Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
Where have you seen God at camp?: You can look around camp and pretty much see God everywhere. I mostly see God work in our Retreat Groups and through our counselors when they are with the kids during summer camp.
Why is camp important?: It is essential during summer camp because there are so many children that come to camp that do not really know God, but when they leave here, they have a relationship with him, and they also make some lifetime friends. It is also important during retreat season because it gives people a place to come with their group to reconnect with each other and with God.

Pam List

Position: Food Service Manager
Lakeshore Connection:  Martha Holifield
Former Summer Staff Positions: None
Favorite Canteen Combo: Dr. Pepper, just a Dr. Pepper
Where have you seen God at camp?: Through the kids and all the staff.
Why is camp important?: They do good work with the children that come here. I just love all the kids and staff; I consider them my family.



Craig Abel

Position: Maintenance Supervisor
Lakeshore Connection: Debbie Watson (worked in the kitchen)
Former Staff Positions: None
Favorite Canteen Combo: Butter Finger and Coke
Where have you seen God at camp?: The waterfront
Why is camp important?: Seeing all the happy kids sharing God’s love and the office girls.



Jonathon White

Position: Maintenance
Lakeshore Connection: Married to the Director of Communications, Katlyn White.
Favorite Canteen Combo: Nerds Rope & Yoo-hoo
Where have you seen God at camp?: On the lake
Why is camp important?: It helps people realize who they are and helps them believe and love just that much deeper.