The Four Square Club is an honorary giving society recognizing donors who have given an outright gift of $1,000+ during the year. The name Four Square Club is meant to honor the generous four-digit donation from the donor while eliciting nostalgia feelings over the threads of camp that remain the same over multiple generations.​

The game of four square dates back to before Lakeshore and continues to be played during canteen today. Camp has changed over the years–the songs are different, the games change, the activities get upgraded, and the buildings get remodeled–but the spirit of camp remains. 

The four squares represent the gift and the four foundational elements of Lakeshore’s camp programming: faith formation, community building, leadership development, and personal growth. Year after year, we notice these characteristics in our campers. We watch campers and guests meet lifelong friends, grow deeper in their faith, learn to be leaders, and grow as people, ready to tackle challenges using skills they learned at camp.

Why Join?

Joining the Four Square Club acknowledges that this foundation is just as important now as it once was and a commitment to ensuring Lakeshore Camp and Retreat Center is equipped to continue offering quality programming to enrich people of all ages. Major gifts like these, along with our robust Cabin 17 program, are the two best ways to sustain this place’s future.

Members of the Four Square Club will receive a welcome gift and unique content from Lakeshore throughout the year as appreciation for their generous support.

Sign Me Up!

Four Square Club membership is granted with a gift of $1,000 or more. Membership is renewed annually. Join today at or send a check to:

Lakeshore Camp
1458 Pilot Knob Rd
Eva, TN 38333


1458 Pilot Knob Rd
Eva, TN 38333

Contact Info

(731) 584-6102

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