We are making every effort to keep our campers, volunteers, and staff safe from COVID in the summer of 2023. We are following the CDC guidelines and making adjustments as needed.

Give back to Lakeshore by getting your hands dirty. Whether you just started school, you’ve retired, or somewhere in between, we have a need you can help us with. All skill levels are needed to help Lakeshore run. We can always find a place for you or your group to help build up this place we all call home.

Summer Volunteers

Our summer would not function without volunteers like you! Don’t let the “Volunteer” title fool you. Our VCs are phenomenal spiritual leaders and caregivers. Our VCs are well-trained, responsible, goofy, and loving high school students and adults who love spending their time sharing God’s love with children and youth.

Fill out the application below and check all the camps you are available to serve. Remember you don’t have a camp until you are called. You will not be called until closer to summer.  If you have not signed up for Counselor Training, you can do so by clicking here. Turn in your Volunteer Application as soon as possible. The sooner you turn it in, the better.

FAQs about Volunteer Counseling

Volunteer Counselor Checklist:

Submit your Application
Two completed reference forms: (Reference Form)
Completed 2023 Medical Form (coming soon)

** Many of our Volunteer Counselors use the time they serve in ministry as credit for volunteer hours. If you need credit for hours after you have completed your camp, contact Allison Doyle.

Retreat Season Volunteers

Service Projects vary in size and skill type, but we always have several prepared groups that want to work together toward creating something better for our ministry. Here are some examples of things we always need:

  • Property Clean Up– This is overall the least intensive service project category. Bring your group for a day of helping keep Lakeshore looking beautiful. Groups will help pick up trash around the property, as well as along Lakeshore’s Adopt-A-Highway. Groups will spend a low energy day fellowshipping while living out the practices of being a good steward.
  • Trail Work– This is a chance for everyone to get their hands dirty while blazing new paths through God’s creation. Little skill is needed, but this is a fairly physically demanding job. Make sure you are ready to spend a lot of time in the less trodden wilderness, moving rocks, limbs, trees, and clearing the way for those who follow to navigate God’s beautiful creation.
  • Cabin Renovation– This project category is the most intensive and skill-focused. We are always looking for individuals who have technical skills and are willing to donate their time and expertise to help revitalize Lakeshore’s week-long homes. Cabins are the place where lifelong friendships begin and family is formed. Cabin renovations can include painting, carpentry, electrical work, tile work, and much more.
  • Other suggestions– if you have a skill or a desire that you feel fits our needs, please share it with us. We would love to partner with you and helping Lakeshore be its best.

If you are interested in joining us for a project, please contact our office for more details. We would love to help you and your group experience practical service in the building of God’s kingdom.