We have several lodging options for our summer camp programming.

Heritage Cabins

Heritage Cabins offer single-gender, dormitory-style lodging. Each heated & air-conditioned cabin sleeps 14 people and offers comfortable, modern bath amenities.

Calhoun & Hopper Lodges

Both lodges offer dormitory-style, air-conditioned accommodations. Each room has bunks for 10 people (8 campers and 2 counselors) and its own bathroom (two showers, sinks, and toilets).

These lodges include a large gathering room (with couches and tables), a small kitchenette, and a large rocking chair porch overlooking the soccer field/lake.

Wilderness Tents

Enjoy a wilderness camping experience at one of our Wilderness Adventure Camps. We offer sleeping arrangements in tents on raised platforms. Three large tents house seven campers, while one medium tent houses five campers.

There is a bathhouse at the bottom of Wilderness Hill that offers showers for campers to use. Compost toilets are available at the top of the hill near the tents for campers who have to use the bathroom during the night.

Hope Lodge

During the summer, this lodge is home to our Camp Hope Series campers.

The Hope Lodge offers two dormitory-style, air-conditioned rooms separated by a large gathering room. Each room has bunk beds for 11 people and their own bathroom (two showers, sinks, and toilets).

This lodge includes a large gathering room (with couches and side tables), a full-functioning kitchen, a porch with rocking chairs, and semi-private rooms.

*The semi-private room on the other end of the Hope Lodge is used to house the Oxley Director and other summer staff members.


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