Legacy of Lakeshore Spotlight: Joyce Wiggins

Lakeshore Camp and Retreat Center is pleased to introduce to you our 2018 Legacy of Lakeshore Spotlight member, Joyce Wiggins.

Joyce Wiggins was introduced to this ministry as an elementary camper in 1953 and has been involved at Lakeshore for 65 years. As her love for this ministry grew, she found ways to help wherever she could. She brought youth to camp from Raleigh UMC, volunteered as a camp nurse, served on the Board of Trustees and continues to volunteer during summer staff interviews. When asked why she decided to leave Lakeshore in her estate plans, she said, “I would rather be remembered at Lakeshore than anywhere else because it does so much for young adults. When I see the caliber of the young adults involved in this ministry, it gives me hope for the future because these kids want to make the world a better place.”

We will be honoring Joyce and all our other Legacy of Lakeshore members at the 70th Anniversary Alumni Retreat on September 22, 2018. If you have left Lakeshore in your estate plans, let us know by July 1 to be recognized in this ceremony.

If you would like to hear more about the Legacy of Lakeshore society and how to include us in your plans, contact Jennie Dickerson at jennie@lakeshorecamp.org or (731) 584-6102.


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